Help is closer
than you think.

In mental crises of any kind, we are here for you,
anonymous, unbureaucratic, local.

Crises can have many causes:

  • stress at work, in your relationship or with your children
  • financial difficulties – due to illness, unemployment or low wages
  • caring for family members or children
  • severe illness or death of someone close to you
  • sudden changes in your personal circumstances

You are stuck in a situation like that and …

  • don’t know how to deal with it anymore?
  • can’t sleep properly?
  • are tired and lack motivation, feel no joy in your everyday life anymore?
  • feel like you can’t fulfil others’ expectations?
  • worry about the future?

We want to help you. No situation is hopeless.

LoKI is short for Lokale KrisenIntervention (local crisis intervention) and is a University Hospital Frankfurt project. We offer weekly consultation hours for everyone who is struggling with their mental health. Together we find out how to help you and if you might need medical or psychotherapeutic support. If we cannot help you directly, we can help place you with one of our various specialised partners.

Our consultations are free of charge and anonymous. The consultation hours happen regularly. You don’t need to make an appointment.

LoKI in your neighbourhood


currently no office hours


Time: 2nd Monday of the month 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Next Dates 2023: 1.3., 13.3, 27.3., 24.4., 8.5., 22.5., 5.6., 19.6., 3.7. and 17.7.
Location: Internationales Familienzentrum e.V., Im Mainfeld 7a. 60528 Frankfurt am Main


Time: 2nd Thursday of the month 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Next Dates 2023: 16.2., 2.3., 16.3., 30.3., 27.4., 11.5., 25.5., 22.6., 6.7. and 20.7.
Location: KiFaz Preungesheim,  im Alfred-Marchand-Haus, Wegscheidestraße 58, 60435 Frankfurt am Main

Offer for tenants of student dormitories

Time: 2nd Monday of the month 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Next Dates 2023: 20.2., 6.3., 20.3., 3.4., 15.5., 12.6., 26.6., 24.7.
ATTENTION many holidays! Additional appointments can also be arranged if required. Please send inquiries to
Location: Studierendenwohnheim Ginnheimer Landstraße 42, Raum 80 im EG, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

Mental crisis – what does that actually mean?

It is normal to feel bad in the situations described above. But if the bad feeling does not fade after a while professional consultation can help. Because in that case, you might suffer from depression. According to the Deutsche Depressionshilfe, roughly every fifth person in Germany suffers from depression at least once in their life – so you’re not alone. The good news is: depression can be treated. In our consultations, you learn whether you might be affected and which treatment options there are – anonymously and without any obligation.

No situation is hopeless

The most severe consequence of depression is suicide. Conversely, suicide is almost always preceded by a mental illness. Due to the good treatment options that are available for depression, suicide is preventable – but too few people know about it. If you – or a person you know – suffer from a mental illness or have thought about committing suicide, in urgent cases call the emergency services at 112. In Frankfurt, you can also get help via the following phone numbers:

  • For consultation over the phone, counselling or simply a longer conversation with a neutral person, you can call the psychosocial crisis service of Bürgerhilfe Frankfurt at 069 61 13 75.
  • If you or someone else are currently considering suicide or you think a hospital stay might be necessary at short notice, you can call the FraPPE Hotline 069 630 13 113. There, you will be able to talk to someone from one of the psychiatric hospitals in Frankfurt at all times (24/7). The doctor on duty will decide what to do together with you.

Or you can come to our consultation hours. Together we will find a way out of the crisis.

LoKI and FraPPE – we care for Frankfurt

LoKI is a follow-up project of the Frankfurter Projekt zur Prävention von Suiziden mittels Evidenz-basierter Maßnahmen (short: FraPPE; Frankfurt project for the prevention of suicides through evidence-based measures). Among other things, with FraPPE, we investigated which districts in Frankfurt have the highest risk for suicide. In these places, we now offer open consultation hours as a place to go for everyone who needs help in a mental crisis. Further information on FraPPE can be found on the other pages of this website.

LoKI is supported through the F.A.Z. fund-raiser “Leser helfen Lesern”.